The curious case of Danishka Gunathilaka, the other side of the coin.

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  1. I agree SLC should the SLC should fight the case out to save the name of SL cricket. However SLC has to take stern action on a click of such players who are notorious in this regard & been caught in the previous occasions too but SLC has turned a blind eye then.You notice the regular offenders are Vandersay,Kusal Mendis,Dickwella along with Danishka.These three players too should also not be considered to overseas tours or minimum given serious warnings separately.We saw Bhanuka, Vandersay & Mendis on private boat tour recently in Dubai.SLC cannot put this again under carpet & they should bring out very strict tour restrictions on such players when on tour.The SLC has to ban all parties & other extravanzas for the touring group in this background. It may look a bit harsh but after such scandalous incidents, mind you, repititive , nothing but a TOTAL ban on parties ,BDay celebrations etc hereafter needed, we have to bring in harsh restrictions on players other countries don’t have.