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‘Don’t think they will make it to the semis’: Harsha Bhogle on Sri Lanka’s WC chances

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  1. We all know our lovely neighbours and how they like to talk up themselves and if they are not in the hunt they love to talk up white skin nations. Its not surprising Harsha Bogus doesn’t think we can make it. Its probably fair that our performances in 50 overs cricket nothing to shout about.
    But world cup is a different and we always produced our best in world cups. Obviously we all have our own views about the composition of the team. But I believe we can take some big scalps and going to surprise a lot of knockers including Harsh Bogus.

  2. Indian team strength lies in their top three. If the top three fails their middle order does not have super heroes or well established batsmen to repair the damage and it will be very difficult for them to score over 300 runs. They have one or two good bowlers (including Bumrah). But they are boasting as if they have the best ODI team in the world. On paper England, Australia (with Smith and Warner) and NZ all will do better than India in this WC. Results of the first warm up match of India very well proved it.

  3. I am not surprise to see that his views not giving damn about Sri Lanka making semis. When we go through some comment sections what I see is our own fans ridiculing and making fun of our own team sadly. Is our team that bad? I don’t think so. I still rank them ahead of PK, AF, WI, BD. One or two surprises we still can make Semis.

  4. Yes I too agree with your (Amila) comments that our fans should know much better about our players, their strengths and our chances to reach the K/O stage. I have been telling in this forum from day one that our team will have a good chance to reach semis if they perform according to their true strengths, especially after the inclusion of Dimuth, Mathews and Thirimanna into the squad. All these three guys are considered to be reliable players for scoring big or at least two of them are sure to make big knocks even in the worst scenarios. They proved that in the last 2 matches. In the Scotland match it was Dimuth and Thiri and in the match against SA it was Dimuth and Mathews. We could have easily won against SA if we had Malinga playing & Avishka / Udana were able to bat I suppose. So our fans, please think about the true strength of our players and always try to encourage with positive comments.

    Even Harsha Bhogle admitted that we have a very good balance team with some experienced players who have performed well in previous WCs but its totally up to such players to prove that Bhogle is wrong in his prediction & help our team to reach the semi finals.

  5. I thought Harsha summed it up perfectly. We may not like it or him or what he said but the truth does hurt folks but don’t blame Harsha – look within for the problem! I am not sure why some of you are having ago at India – they are an awesome unit and again, we don’t have to argue about it, India beat both SA, Aus and NZ ‘away’ and are the number 1 ranked team in the world.

    Harsha hit the nail on the head about SL. 7 captains since 2015 and we recall a guy who wasn’t good enough to make the team over the last 3 years to captain the team. That my friends is the definition of ‘lost the plot’ and someone of still don’t seem to get it.

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