Sri Lanka T10 League in June 2023. First ICC full member to conduct T10 league

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  1. It is such a shame Yeheli & Sangha think 2014 WC was won by the Supreme God for us.And her admission that everyday Sangha too falls on his knees pleading the God this way immediately took away any respect I had for him & considering Sangha as an intelligent person.Earlier it was all his training vigorously even after others left .This is very dangerous now.Players like Bhanuka plays well when his Pastor says we would win the cup & Bhanuka fails miserably if the pastor gives a forecast that we would lose.There is a whole bunch playing like this.Chameera & Binura (Angelo) etc would fake ‘muscle’ injury to help the pastor’s forecast.Sanga Mahela running many charities like Goodness foundation for rural children is fascade to convert our poor children.We need to banish Sangha & Mahela Kalpage from all posts & also the SLC bigwigs sooner than later.Namal’s uncle Jerome J gives them political power.Come on Arjuna this is a national tragedy.Never support Namal again.