ක්‍රිකට් තේරීම් කමිටුවට බලපෑම් තියෙනවා: හිටපු ක්‍රීඩක වර්ණපුරගෙන් හෙළිදරව්වක්

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  1. Dear Susantha cannot view the clip anyway we as die hard fans of cricket must stress the point Asantha De Mel needs to let the bitter TRUTH out if anyone or persons interfering or not allowing him and his team to select players on their own.
    Is it the SLC ,Sports Ministry ,or the past SLC president or any politicians
    Entire cricket loving public needs to know the TRUTH.

  2. Anura, politics on selection matters will never be solved with the present system where there is no Cricket Head to overlook on every selection done as there will be lot of outside pressure on the selectors from politicians, powerful high profile individuals to select their favorite players.

    That is why we should have a Cricket Director appointed in SLC to be in charge of every cricket related issues. Either Kumar or Mahela are two of the most suitable past cricketers who can handle this important position successfully.

    Sports minister is trying to get Mahela to work as the Head Coach. But in my opinion he should be given more responsibilities in handling a more important role like the Cricket Director. In such case even Asantha will be working under the Cricket Director.