Simon Doull Questions Chandimal Selection

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  1. Still I am not convinced on the inclusion of Chandimal and Nissanka to our WC squad. Their present form and performance levels are not at all suitable for T20 format. I trust that Mahela realises this big problem in our batting line up which will be a crucial factor for SL to perform well in the super league. As an immediate solution, in the next two matches Asalanka should be played at no 3. I dont think at the way Chandimal is playing now he wont be able to improve his game to suit to the present levels of every no 3 batters in most of other teams. What a shame that Chandimal was given preference over Kamindu. Atleast I wish Nissanka will find form in the next two matches.

  2. (cont)If you look at yesterdays warm up match highlights of England vs India I am sure all will be astonished at the way both teams played . Both teams scored over 190 runs. Finally India won. India’s top order batted in an unbelievable way. Raining in sixes. That can be identified as a real T20 match. Comparatively SL’s top order batting form is much much below the level required for the WC and also below every Sri Lankan’s expectation.
    Mahela you are the only saviour. Please help SL.