“Reverse Sweep එක ගහන්න මට 100% confidence තියෙනවා!” – නිරෝෂන් දික්වැල්ල

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  1. The saddest thing about this interview is that the guy still doesn’t get the total lack of match awareness and immaturity on display. Yes the reverse sweep got him 65 but that is not the end of the war, neither did it win us a battle. The day had 2 overs to play out and the battle was to survive till the close of play and start the battle again the next day. The same thing happened in the first test where he make an decent 30 odd but threw it away moments to the close of play. All the talent in the world is of little use if you don’t understand the match situation and play accordingly. The intelligent thing to do is put up the shutters for the day and here is this guy having totally missed the point, still no idea! Little wonder he averages in the 30’s and has set him self a target of a couple of test hundreds!