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Sri Lanka’s ‘diversity is our strength’: Sangakkara promotes national unity

Kumar Sangakkara: “Sri Lanka is a multi-ethnic, multi-religious nation. That diversity is our strength.”

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  1. His statement is against the Sri Lankan unique Cultural-Buddhist State and now he is trying to imply the same that which Mangala had been trying hard and the western NGOs trying to inject to our brains! This is not acceptable! He is the wrong man for GR, definitely!Because of just as a popular Cricketer does not make his statements on our cultural heritage automatically also as true one! What a bullshit! He does not know the difference between a “Cultural-State” and a Nation-State. “The wrong man with us, watch-out!
    Since when was SL is a multicultural and diverse?
    It should be other way around, i.e. adapt to the olden cultural state and to integrate with the Sinhalese-Buddhist which had been for the last 2600 years and that alone speaks the true unique identity of the oneness of the state!

    It (so-called ) got just started just after the invasion of the Portuguese very very slowly and the British empire started to destroy the unitary “Cultural-State” by creating an artificial entity of a Nation-State by promoting the minorities by giving special privileges in the North by constructing a well equipped library which cater the elite of the administrative work in their Government and to undermine and weaken the Sinhalese-Buddhist elite and thereby reduce our influence in the government. Those now elites got into the power mechanism of the country and they also didn’t hesitated to get their own cadre as much as possible when the possibilities arose.
    Last but not least, he should do hist primary job and this type of statements are the job of the leader of our country, now he thinks he is somethings special and without even starting his job done trying to spat what the foreign Pundits are try to impart their slogans into our minds here to mind as well! A shameless override and limits exceedance of status!

    • The video above was released by the Rajapaksa government’s Office for National Unity and Reconciliation. The message of national harmony is the government’s official position and Kumar Sangakkara is one of many Sri Lankan celebrities involved in this campaign.

      Sri Lanka is of course diverse and has many cultures. There is diversity in religion (many religions exist in Sri Lanka) and there is diversity in ethnicities too. This is common knowledge.

      It appears you do not seem to know the meaning of the words ‘diverse’ and ‘multicultural’ because those words are nothing to be angry or upset about. They are completely normal words.

      And, the Sri Lankan supreme court has ruled twice that Sri Lanka is a secular (non-religious) country. See the following article: