Is ex SL Cricket Media Manager behind the mystery of Dinesh Schaffter or was he set up?case analysis

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  1. This is a powerful Tamil christian rich business clan’s shady business. Main thing coming out from this is Dinesh was doing shady deals.Why such an eminent person going to meet a fellow at the cemetry?That is the most important question.He himself had driven there.Does any normal person go to the cemetry to meet any?The last place someone would like to go if not for a funeral is the cemetry.He seemed gone there very easily so had been there many times. He was so relaxed having a snack on the way..The government will try to cover this because this will reveal these christian Tamil clan including Mahendrans Maharajahs (Brian Thomas previous employer) are master crooks. Surely Maharajahs there, they don’t even put this in the news item.Some love triangle probably gone bust here.Maharajahs, Shafters, Brians all connected to cricket board. SLC Born again group should be investigated.Where was Pastor Jerome?Get Yeheli Sangakkara speak to God to reveal all in an instant..Come on Yeheli.