Interview with Chandimal (Part 2) – නායකයා තමාට පෙර රට ගැන සිතිය යුතුයි | Untold Stories with Dinesh Chandimal

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  1. Great story and humble down to earth guy but he has been kind of lost in the last two years and I don’t think SLC have been fair to him after dropping him unfairly. He still averages in 40’s and has 11 test hundreds and has a good 6 years ahead of him. He can still be a solid pillar in the batting for us and also don’t forget the investment we made in this guy over the years. We must let him settle in the batting order and let him do his thing.

    I don’t think he has a role in white ball cricket unless he changes his game plan which not is too defensive for 300+ scores. Also, with Dimuth, Anji and DDS in the 50 over team, there is simply not spot for Chandi to set 300+ targets. His place is in test cricket and needs to link up with Chandi and play the senior pro’s role.

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