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I will retire after playing a farewell ODI in Sri Lanka together with Kulasekara – Malinga

BBC News සිංහල – විශ්‍රාම යෑම සහ නුවන් කුලසේකර ගැන 🏏🏆…

විශ්‍රාම යෑම සහ නුවන් කුලසේකර ගැන 🏏🏆 මාලිංගගේ අනාගත බලාපොරොත්තුව

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  1. Fair comment and he deserves a send off. He has been one of the all time great limited over players and here in the twilight of his careers in the WC, he is still our trump card. I never thought he would see out the WC let alone make an impression but that’s what makes him an all time great. Wonder if he will get a chance to make an impression in the admin of the game – could be the wild card we need!

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