Former cricketers share their views with Mahinda Rajapaksa on Homagama Stadium

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  1. How sad and ironic is this – the guys who excelled at the game and made us world beaters explaining what is wrong to the guys who destroyed the game and stole all the money!! Here are guys who tore apart Warner and Mcgrath and tamed Dhoni and Yuvraj to win world cups explaining to a cow who built a stadium in the bush, threw away the keys and ran off with the cash.

    But wait there’s more, the biggest problem with SLC is politics and the solution to cricket being discussed in parliament is much like a drunkard trying to get over drinking by having an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting with a drink in a bar.

    But there is even more….these very cricketers (led by Mahela) gave the politicians a master plan a few years ago and they did nothing with it. They actually threw out the plan and dismissed the authors to the extent that none of them wanted to be involved in SLC.

    So Mr Honorable thief (goon, looter, pick your name folks) – if you want to fix the game – STAY THE F*&% OUT!!!