‘If they offer me the captain’s job, I’ll probably take it’ – Dimuth Karunaratne

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  1. Some fans in this forum have already expressed their dissatisfaction on selecting Dimuth for the ODI team. However it is very important to realize the sorry state of our probable opening combinations that we have tested during the very recent past and come up with the best solution in this crucial stage. Out of the two openers one has to be an aggressive but technically correct batsman. Although Dimutth wont be a power hitter he can score more boundaries during the first 10 overs with his great timing & placement and maintain a SR of at least 90%. Beside he is the most technically correct opening batsman we have. Most important thing is that he will hold one end and that will be the real solution for avoiding the 2 wkt down situation within the first 10 overs. Other opener has to be a power hitter who can score 4s as well as 6s during the PP 1 overs. and my best choice is either Avishka or Kusal Janith (if proven in the provincial tournament) they both can exploit the field restrictions and hit over the ropes or the inner ring. None of the other openers that we have tried has scored higher 6s rate (R6) of 15% or more. But in case of Kusal he has batted in all recent matches at no 3 or 4 positions,so he must be given the license to attack as an opener, He has batted as an opener long time ago and those performances cannot be taken as a yard stick to judge his present ability to perform as a Power Hitting Opener. After successful effort in the provincial tournament only we can decide whether he is the Aggressive Power Hitting opener that we are looking for.

    As Dickwella’s shot selection is yet to be perfect during the initial overs he can bat at no 3 or lower position All these combinations can be experimented in the forthcoming Provincial tournament. We must not forget that teams like England, India, West Indies, New Zealand & South Africa have already developed technically correct power hitting opening batsmen who can score at more than 120% SR and can easily achieve target 10 PP1 over scores of 70 to 80 runs (with 1 wkt down) on the batting tracks that will be prepared for the WC. We are still struggling to score even 50 runs that too after loosing 2 / 3 wickets.

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