‘Don’t know why Angelo is batting at No. 6’: Dilshan unhappy with Sri Lanka batting order

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  1. Doesn’t matter where he bats, if he keeps batting the way he has in the last two games, it will make no difference. What an appalling shot he played against the Afgans to an off spinner on a green top. Anji is our one world class player with lots of experience and he needs to step up and be counted.

  2. Considering the fact that Mathews is the most experienced batsman we have, it doesn’t mater where he bats in the middle order or either at 4, 5 or 6. These are all middle order positions. If he is asked to open the innings or bat at no 3 its a different story. As Asantha has very well said today he is also one of our batsmen who lacks confidence at the moment. I guess he is the most suitable batsman to go at no 4 at this moment and Kusal Mendis at no 5 and DDS at no 6. But the best position for Kusal Mendis is no 4, and when he finds his form he can be elevated at a later stage and keep No 5 for Mathews.

  3. The most important thing in assigning batting positions are (1) good recent performance in that position, (2)Sandwich the batters according to their Strike Rates. So Taking Dimuth at 1, no 2 has to be a fast scoring batsman (so Kusal Janith). For no 3 we can send a slow scoring batsman like Lahiru. So the next has to be a fast scoring batsman (like Kusal Mendis) and then Mathews. But until Kusal M finds his form its better to send Mathews now at 4 which can be changed later.