Do Sri Lanka Cricketers need more exposure in foreign leagues?

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  1. Yes absolutely no doubt lots to be gained from playing in overseas leagues but what is the issue here? As I see it, if you are good enough and available, the foreign leagues will pick you up, if you are not good enough no one is going to pay money and give you a contract.

    A local league will certainly help but only if its of decent quality. There are a few players who play the IPL and BBL etc from countries that don’t really have a recognized league like of the Afghanistan players and the leggie from Nepal – one thing they do have is a lot of talent.

    We can have a decent local league once we get the administrators sorted! Right now we don’t have a proper Board so little chance of sorting out a league. In my opinion, administrators must be given objectives and if they fail, they must be thrown out, we cannot have these morons playing a political game in what is a professional sport.

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