Did Sri Lanka Make a Selection Mistake?

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  1. Very valid point. SLC made a cardinal mistake in T20 WC preparation issue. (1) First they assumed the pitches in UAE will assist spinners which is wrong. (2) They played every T20 match last 3 months on slow wkts at Premadasa which was a wrong decision (should have been played in Pallekele at least ) (3) they included many spinners in the WC squad which is again a wrong decision. (4) Our experienced & young seamers were not coached properly in good fast pitches. (lahiru Kumara’s case is the best example) Although he bowled many fast and short deliveries (especially at the death) he never bowls any yorker which is the biggest mistake in his bowling. He wont be a good death bowler because of this reason.

  2. SLC should have sent some pitch expert to UAE to inspect the pitches few months before we sarted playing the T20 matches at Premadasa Grounds.. Having worked in the UAE for 21 yrs (in Abu Dhabi and Dubai) as a professional Soil Expert I know the behaviour of pitches due to the highly variable weather factor in UAE. Its a country having the maximum temper range in the world, of 45 C from 55 C (max) to 10 C Min) which is 45 C. In SL this range is only 12 to 15 C (from 32C to 20C). Due to the very high temp range the Shriknage effect or volume change & crack formation on the pitch surface is very high. So in UAE you cannot have very high sand rich soil mix as in SL. So they must use large clay content and short grass layer to avoid crack formation due to very high shrinkage effects. Means pitches will be much harder and wont offer that much grip ( as in SL due to using high sand content). Our SL pitch experts are like frogs in a well. They lack knowledge on pitch mechanics outside SL.