Consultant Coach ලෙස ඔහු සතු වගකීම් ගැන මහේල ජයවර්ධන හෙළි කරයි

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  1. Obviously great man to have around your cricket scene and well done to SLC for getting the great man on board. Interesting role and if you consider just how badly the international team and talent has been neglected through poor administration I dread to think what has happened to the lower lever of cricket.

    Also, you can’t just magically compete at the international level but the lower levels have to be in place so getting Mahela in there is a wise move. Look no further than India on how to run your cricket and Rahul Dravid played a similar role working with the U19 and then India A before moving to the national team. We will struggle to get Mahela in to that role given his international coaching assignments which are critical for his development and gives us the much needed international exposure. But this looks like a good journey and well done to SLC for getting this started and don’t stuff it up like so many other good journeys we started but ended up in tears!