Can Sri Lanka maintain their winning streak in Tests? – 2nd Test Preview


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  1. If somebody tries to win a TEST or ODI tournament with a team comprising of, too many blind-hitters such as Sanath, it’s a clear indication of his ignorance about the Game. 1996 WC is a good example to prove this phenomenon. If not for the calm, clean, neat, risk-free 360-degree-stroke-play of Aravinda, Mahanama, Hashan there wouldn’t have been any WC win for us by now. To maintain consistency what team needs more is intelligent batters the class of Williamson, Kholi, Root, Samaraweera, RoshenS, but definitely not those that get beaten, more often due to lack proper skills. Risky stroke makers of defective skills will definitely let the Country down when it’s really needed unless it was a flat track plus fielding lapses. A winning team can be accommodated only by one blind hitter that bats like a player just after a half glass of whisky, all others batters have to be those blessed with calm, clean, neat 360-degree stroke-making plus lightning reflexes. As for bowlers we badly need those intelligent ones that have started their game at an early age e.g. Vass [ in order to have perfect control and skills over their bowling ]

  2. Sri Lanka has the skills within the team to continue their winning streak. Provided the alleged drug snorting Harin and clueless thug Shammi don’t disrupt the work that has been done underpinning the teams success. So much political interference, we will face the same fate as Zimbabwe very soon.

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