Bhanuka Rajapaksh Life Story | සංවේදී ජිවිත කතාව | Sri Lanka Cricket 🇱🇰

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  1. Well this video is nothing but a joke.With an eye catching title this chap talks absolutely nonsense.He is a paid joker or member of the FB campaign that is most probably commented as initiated by his born again pastor. How come Banuka a legend? Even in this latest LPL, what was his statistics, very poor. It was Mendis,Danushka & Thusara, Patel etc who brought Galle to win. In the T20 WC who starred for us? They were Charith & Pathum.Charith was even named in the T20 World X1, who was just coming to the game.Where was this so called ‘legend’ who was also in the playing X1? Mickey, the world renowned coach named Bhanuka aptly as a lousy cricketer. Who to beleive then? Chamath says a sad life story is Bhanuka’s, probably happened since ‘pastor’ took over him, a young blossoming school boy at that time ending up this way. Thanks Chamath for forwarding this for us for a good laugh.