Bhanuka Rajapaksa – good or bad option at number 3?

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  1. Last match we saw even 300 was not enough in this pitch. So we can’t throw Bhanuka and get Chandimal. If he bats like ODI then we will get only 250.
    no 3. We can try DDS no other option available. Charith failed in England batting no3

    Only thing can send Bhanuka at 4 AND DDS AT 3.
    CHARITH is playing well in role of 5 th batsman so can’t disturb him

    • DDS batting at no 3 may be a solution. But if you look at the way Bhanuka gifted his wkt by playing into their trap, I can’t believe the attitude of Bhanuka. I think no 3 position is the best place for him. He has batted at the same position in the past. So it is not a new position. But he must use his 9 yrs of international experience and smartness properly and play the first few balls taking short runs and later try to play the big shots. Bhanuka please learn from Asalanka how to organize the early part of your inning. If we send DDS at no 3, it will bring down the RR badly. DDS at no4 and Asalanka at 5 is the best order.

      Bhanuka please don’t destroy the excellent plans of our new Captain Cool Dasun by playing some irresponsible shots early in your inning.

    • We cant expect the Banuka to play each and every match very well, but if he plays that would be a matching innings, keeping that in mind, he should be given the free licence to go after the bowlers. It was not about playing into the oppositions trap, if he could have succeded hitting that ball out of the park, things could have been diiferent, we should let him play his natural game and give him enough time to establish himself in the international arena, becoz this kind of players we get only once in a decade & should be groomed properly by giving enough confidence. At the same time, these players should always remeber that, they are representing our country should be groomed with good attitude and discipline, which will take the long way.

  2. I will define the ban on these three players as a “BLESSING IN DISGUISE” for our cricket. At least now SLC can move forward and develop a good, young and well disciplined team /s to bring back to SL,the lost past glory in cricket. It already has started I believe. If these three players didn’t have a ban we wont be able to even see these fantastic young players like Charith Asalanka, Minode Banuka and Kamindu Mendis. I am pretty sure that these three youngsters will be in a much better & improved level in performance within the next 6 months, when it will be very difficult for these three banned players to come back into our ODI and T20 teams again.