25 වියැති කුසල් මෙන්ඩිස්ගේ දක්ෂතා පිළිබඳ පසු විපරම | Review of Kusal Mendis’ performance at age 25

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  1. I am not sure if this yet another attempt to discredit Mendis but in SL terms there is no debate to be had – the guy is ahead of some of the SL greats at 25. From an international perspective, he is up against Kholi, Kane and Root who are the best in the world. I presume we are all aware that we don’t belong in the same league and certainly not a manner to say drop him – something even the selectors did not so long ago! Why don’t we look at 25 year old’s from SL say after Anji – speaking of which where is Anji on this list? The point being, its time to get off this guys back and give him a chance while accepting that we have a huge problem of cultivating talent from an awfully poor first class system.