2011 සිට මේ දක්වා ශ්‍රී ලංකා ක්‍රිකට් පුහුණුකරුවන්

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  1. Susantha it’s absolutely clear from 2011 todate SLC decesion’s were taken up by inadequate people who does not care about Sri Lanka Cricket, it’s Cricketers or fans not even Countries PRIDE. So it’s no surprise of 11 coaches, best examples how they they treated and got rid of of South African Ford, it happend when former SLC joker imported irratic Gurusinghe and he was interfering in all areas and with Head Coach too so in turn Ford request ed from SLC former President about it this joker have said according to media if you cannot fall in line to leave.
    So my freind it’s clear as water when jokers run all important places like SLC things could go BIZZARE

  2. Bringing Gurusingha to Sri Lanka was Thilanga Sumathipala and Mohan de Silva’s work and it made us lose a top coach in Graham Ford! Thank you Anura for reminding of that!

    Good coaches wont apply because of the bad reputation SLC has now.