13 Sixes 8 Fours – Thisara Perera 140 vs New Zealand


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  1. I trust that the forum members are not misguided by this post (which also contains some falsified figures) as they may think that Thisara Perera should be in our ODI /T 20 teams due to this knock he played against NZ (2nd ODI) on 5th Jan 2019. My reasons are given below;

    (1) The author has manipulated the actual records to show a very high SR of 246% (as 140 runs scored in 57 balls) whereas Thisara in this inning actually faced 74 balls, and achieved a SR of only 189% as shown in the following Cricinfo scorecard;

    (2) In the same match he had the worst bowling figures of conceding 69 runs in 7 overs where 5 sixes, 4 fours were scored against & 2 wide balls were deliveried as well.

    (3) Thisara also scored 80 runs in 63 balls in the 3rd ODI (on 8th Jan 2019) of the same series (his SR in that knock was 127%). I agree that these two innings of Thisara showed his true ability (in the past) as a good lower order power hitting batsman. But the main issue for his non selection in the T20 and ODI teams was the inconsistency & poor form in his batting as well as bowling. It is shown very clearly in the following Cricinfo records.


    (4) Thisara’s Inconsistency in ODI batting during the last 10 month period;

    Thisara’s Records from 4th Jan 2019 till to date ( in 15 matches)
    15m – 339runs – 22.6av – 123%SR (includes 140 & 80)
    Refer to the following link,;filter=advanced;orderby=batting_average;spanmin1=04+Jan+2019;spanval1=span;team=8;template=results;type=batting

    Thisara’s Records from 10th Jan 2019 till to date ( in 13 mtches)
    13m – 119runs – 9.2av – 86%SR (140 & 80 not included)
    Refer to the following link;filter=advanced;orderby=batting_average;spanmin1=10+Jan+2019;spanval1=span;team=8;template=results;type=batting

    During the last 10 month period, his batting form in ODI’s was so bad and in 13 innings his batting average dropped to only 9.2 (which is similar to that of a tail end batsman) and during these 13 innings he could manage to score only 2 boundaries (as shown in Cricinfo records). Selectors observed his poor recent form and rightly dropped him from both ODI and T20 teams. It was the right decision.

    (5) His recent performances in batting and bowling in outside T20 League tournaments (played in Canada & Caribbean) too has been very bad. If he will perform consistently well in other similar leagues in future he may come back to represent SL. However as Udana has settled into the T20 team as a good bowling allrounder and occupying Thisara batting position of no 8, latter may find it difficult to represent T20 team for SL again.

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