🔴Live: Sri Lanka vs Australia at MCG | Coaching Diaries | Episode 02

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  1. Well done Malinga. SLC has done a sensible thing by bringing in Malinga to coach our fast bowlers. Vast Improvement in Lahiru Kumara’s & Binura’s bowling proves Malinga’s efforts. But SLC should continue with Malinga’s coaching inputs during the full Indian tour (both T20 and test matches) as well and in the future. Same thing cannot be said about our batting coaching. It’s very sad to witness the very basic mistakes committed in running between the wickets by Kamil Mishara and Janith. If these two batters were properly guided on how to ake quick runs while playing on these big grounds, one of these young and very talented batters would have scored a big inning in the 5th match I am sure. Also if proper selections were done in earlier matches we could have won this series. Two of the selection blunders were, playing out of form Dhanushka continuously in 4 matches, instead of giving Janith at least 3 matches. Also Praveen should have been played in three matches instead of Vandersay

    • If SL had a good batching coach, one of the major faults in our batting unit which was not taking quick runs and poor running between the wickets could have been avoided. If our batters had performed as the Aussies in those areas, we had a chance of winning one or even two more games which ended with very close victories to Aussies.

      SLC should seriously think about making some changes to batting coaching. Fine tuning in batting of the first 8 batters is necessary. Shot selection, improvement on reverse sweep, paddle sweep, scoop and running between the wkts are some of these areas.