ෆිට්නස් මගඩිය අස්සේ වැඩ පෙන්නපු අය ටීම් එකට එයිද?

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  1. Vidu; I would have appreciated if you had given more respect to this “Fitness Test” rather than call it a “Magadiya”. This was a major requirement which was not practised among our cricketers although they were paid unjustifiable higher remunerations in the past. Dimuth, Angelow may be good for test matches. Chandimal not even good for tests. This is proved according to their recent performance levels in ODI and T20. We don’t need slow coaches like Dimuth, Angelow & Chandimal in our ODI or T20 teams. If they cannot maintain a SR of at least above 80/90% consistently (I would recommend minimum 90%) these seniors should not think about playing in our white ball teams. Please let our good Committee (headed by Aravinda), Director(Moody), Coach(Arthur) & Pramodaya(Chief Selector) continue with the very good planning that they have implemented.

  2. While always appreciating your efforts in updating SL cricket news with cricket fans, I think at this very crucial transition stage where many procedures are not yet well established within SLC, Vidu will not discuss this fitness issue and comparing ad hoc test results on certain players performed during the last few days. This will only create uncertainties among die hard SL cricket fans, plus it will also add ammunition to the ongoing unjustifiable battle of some seniors who failed to win a place in BD tour,due to their current poor performance or fitness levels for ODI or T20 matches.