හෙට තණතීරුවත් කොළ පාටයි – දිමුත්

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  1. Natanna bari ekata polawa adai . Yako mona reddakda meka . Gaanu wage haminenawa .
    Green or brown .Go play some good damn cricket .Theyll be playing on that same damn pitch .Hopefully win the toss and bowl first for once .
    These buggers are complaining as if theyve been playing great cricket all this while and are losing only because of these green pitches .To hell with that bullshit !
    And all this negative shit before the match too .From the captain and manager ffs !
    Stop complaining . Go win some damn matches ,at least play some good damn cricket , give a damn fight ,green top ot not and then after the tournament we can worry about blasting ICC for all the crap theyve dished .But at least use this and turn it into aggression . Somehow fight it out !
    This bullshit is as if mendis was saying that he was going to score a hundred and couldnt do so cuz the pakistan game got washed out lmao
    And we all know that just cuz the pitch is green its not going to swing and seam around like crazy .Look at the NZ match for example .Our guys freaked out , threw their wickets away and then NZ came in and showed everyone that it was just another flat damn pitch just with a green top .