හතුරුසිංහට එරෙහිව නීති මාර්ගයෙන් යන්න අපි ලෑස්තියි – ශම්මි

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  1. This fellow thinks that if he wears a suit that he can fake it till he makes it. He has no skills to manage people which is what he essentially needs to do. SLC currently has a culture of destroying people and their reputation if you are not willing to tow their line. This moron Shammi and Harin is dragging SLC further down a pit we will take years to recover from. What is the function of HR at SLC? Churn out contrast letters, termination letters, manage court cases filed against SLC and cut employee salaries if you are a few minutes late to work!!! Is the ICC going to keep their hands tied behind their back and watch this unfold? Please do something to help Sri Lanka Cricket.