රතු කට්ට පැන්න මහේලගෙන් ප්‍රශ්නගත LPL තේරීම්වලට සැර ප්‍රතිචාර | Cricket lookaya

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  1. I CALL THESE SOCIAL MEDIA PROPAGANDA AS TOTAL RUBBISH. Mahela your statement is absolutely correct. If SLC do not act strongly and back Aravinda’s and Mahela’s great ideas and vision our cricket will go back to the very unfortunate state in the past. Very rightly 5 of SL senior players (Mathews, KJP, Chandimal. DDS & Akila) have not been included. According to the minimum requirements needed for the T20 Team Building Process like (1) Current Form (2) Fitness Level & (3) Fielding in the outfield, all these 5 players do not have any chance to be selected for LPL teams. They must first perform in the domestic T20 / ODI matches and prove that they can compete equally well with the younger players. Shoab Malik’s’ and Mohd Hafeez’s recent revelation can be taken as good examples. Even at the age of 40 yrs they performed exceptionally well in this WC. Malik infact scored the fastest half century (in 18 balls). So that’s the challenge these senior players have to face now. Even the social m