මේ තරම් දෙයක් දැනන් හිටියේ නෑ – Pakistan security for SL cricket team


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  1. This is like security for a head of state but for a team of 20. Very impressive Pakistan and much appreciated. Question: is this the plan you expect to play international cricket at home? We would be happy to follow others.

  2. Being the first tour 10 years after banned to hold any international match Pakistan has done their best to convince ICC and all other cricket playing nations.

    Pakistan will definitely maintain the same level of security for few of the future tours but if no threats will take place they may gradually cut down on the level of security. As we have to appreciate fully their effects, our SLC should not express their displeasure for not allowing the cricketers to enjoy on social activities, shopping etc. and try to shift the two test matches to UAE, probably to carry out their shopping activities which was zero in Pakistan.

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