‘මෙය සාමාන්‍ය ගාල්ලේ තණතීරුවක් වගේ නෙමේ’

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  1. It will be a do or die battle for both Thirimanna (no 2) and Dhananjaya (no 6) to put their hands up and produce worthwhile performances in the second innings as their performances in the recent past and in the first innings of this match were poor & pretty ordinary. If they fail again (and even if we win or loose) both of them will have to be replaced for the second test match I guess.

    It looks like we will have a chance of chasing down 250 runs in the fourth innings. Although scoring runs in the 4th inning is usually a challenge in Galle, but as mentioned by Roshan, this time it behaves differently and our batsmen will not have much difficulty in chasing a score of that order, if they bat slowly and carefully. So we will have the best of chance of achieving the first victory in the Test World Cricket Championship, unless our batsmen bat carelessly and throw away that chance. Let’s hope that there will be an end to the match in our favor.

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