මැතිව් තුවාල කාරයා, දිමුත් 2015 පස්සේ ගහලා නැ, චන්දි ෂුවර් නැ, මාලිංග නායක කම ඕනම කියයි

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  1. If there is any truth in Malinga’s statement given in this article, I think SLC board should take whatever possible strong action against him, even discarding him from the squad. He should be prepared to play for the country and not demanding and threatening the board to achieve his personal benefits.

    It is very clear to everyone that SL need a batting captain and not a bowling captain due to the very poor performance of our batsmen during the last three series played with NZ SA as well as Aus. I think Dimuth is the right choice. (as the most suitable candidate for the captaincy as Mathews has refused to accept the captaincy.). Dimuth was not selected for any ODI matches after 2015 is not due to his poor performances as an opener. There were other reasons behind his non inclusion to the ODI team and Dimuth was getting a raw deal from the selectors during the last 4 yrs period.

    Malinga should realize how Dimuth has come back in to the ODI team recently with some sterling performances and scoring big, producing a super batting average and more than every thing a very healthy SR of over 90%. What else Malinga expects from Dimuth to do as an opening batsman?. He was also selected to play Country Cricket in Hampshire in the UK. As an honest cricket fan I am very happy to hear that Dimuth is going to get the captaincy. I hope majority of the fans in this forum will agree with that.

    Therefore I request Malinga to forget about the captaincy issue and give your total commitment to our team as a bowler, for which you will get respect and credit from all cricket fans in SL.

    If the statement given by Malinga in this video is not true (as similar media harassment to players are very common in SL) I would like to withdraw my abovce comments and tender an apology to Malinga.

  2. IF THIS IS TRUE .SLC will be forced to give malinga the captaincy .He is by far still the best bowler on the island no matter how bad he bowls , and the other bowlers wont even be half as effective as him against top quality batting lineups at the world cup .Therefore he is the main strike bowler we have and if he is removed from captaincy his confidence may be severely affected or he may on purpose bowl badly at the WC so that whoever the captain is ,that person will be made the scapegoat ( I mean knowing who malinga is would he really want the stats to say that the team lost every match under his captaincy and the fortunes turned when he was stripped off it ? ) .There is no doubt about malingas talent even at this age .But the question is regarding where his heart is .Even through his recent “heroics” by taking 10 wickets is 12hrs in two countries , all that I can gather is that he is just trying to prove the selectors wrong and not that he did it for the love of the country or for his provincial team .Ive been a huge fan of malinga since he broke into the scene but with the way his attitude has just worsened over the last few years I have serious doubts about his loyalty to the country .I think if the selectors decision is to strip him off the captaincy , they might as well leave him out of the WC squad no matter how good he is .However I still sincerely hope that a proper captain would be able to instill the passion for the country back into malinga for one last run at the world cup and get the best out of him .But the odds of that happening are very slim …