මැතිව්ස්ට පිතිකරණය ගැන අපි මොනවද උගන්වන්න තියෙන්නේ, වැරදි හදාගන්න ඕනි ඔවුන්මයි. – රොෂාන් අබේසිංහ

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  1. So we keep blaming the selectors, the players, the captain, the green wickets in England. Yes all relevant but we have been saying all of this and changed all of this over the years. Not too long ago we had an opening issues where we were constantly 30/3 in the first hour and lost the game. Now we have starts but the middle order folds.

    We even believe we have match winners who played with the previous generation who were match winners then but not anymore. So what could be the issue? It’s the poor mental state of our players as a result of mismanagement. We need to stop keep looking at this like is a huge mystery – the problem is with the admin and the politicians fiddling around the game. Sort that out and the rest will fall in to place. Don’t sort it and we will keep looking at this like its a huge unsolvable problem.