‘මාලිංගටයි තව දෙතුන්දෙනෙක්ටයි හැරෙන්න වෙන කාටවත් ඉඩ නැහැ’ – ද මෙල්

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  1. How can you arrive at a conclusion to say without giving opertunities to all respective player’s who did not tour, still the current tour is on its absolutely shocking the way he targets said player’s who did not make the tour.
    It’s very obvious that the two media briefing made in Pakistan he is sending a message to said player’s, is this what we want from a former great SL Cricketer , Chief Selector/Team Manager.
    We expected high digree of professional approach from him is this what is dishing out.
    Personal agendas is not acceptable or to have a dictatorship, it’s looks like over confidence may destroy another capable person just like it destroyed former head coach.
    Too much of arrongance , too much of power can make a person or destroy him.
    Hope soon some sanity will prevail and someone will shower him with word of advice before its too late.

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