මාධ්‍යයට ගිහින් Player චොකලට් කනවා කියලා කවුරුහරි කියන එක හොඳ නෑ

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  1. To be fair by Mickey Arthur he did say he was telling about chocolates & Banuka because Banuka had accused Arthur wrongly in the media first. Therefore now the issue is not the fitness, can a player work in a team peacefully where he has accused the coach? You have never before heard of a cricketer in any country who goes to the national TV & other media to accuse the coach to get into the team. It will not work. If such player comes to the team it will be full of divisions. Arthur cannot act impartially then fearing Banuka will be in the media again accusing him. Once given in there won’t be an end. Other players who will get dropped will go hereafter to media to accuse the coach & to come back. Can you remember Hathura & Mathew fights. It not a case of fitness anymore.