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  1. Great Analysis Vidu. We are lucky to have at least one social media channel that talks on real cricket facts when others do the opposite.

    (1) Although some Island Cricket fans were very critical on my comment on the insistence of Dickwella in the team, it was witnessed by all of us what difference Dika can make for the betterment of our cricket,especially in motivating these young players.

    (2) However I still feel that Dika should bat in the top order. If Dhanushka and Avishka open, he can come at no 3. Being a wicket keeper, he has the greatest of eye vision in adjusting quickly his body movement to face a quickor a moving delivery successfully during the initial PP overs. But if he bats lower he is taking unnecessary risks in his shot selection which will not produce good results. Many countries having good batters as their wicket keepers promote them in white ball formats to open the innings due to this factor.

    (3) Also if you look at the Cricinfo Records (for the last 3 yrs) you will note that Dikwella has a very low Boundary SR of only 8 balls which is only second to Bairstore of England who scores a boundary at every 7 balls (which is of course the world’s lowest boundary SR). I think Dika’s ability to score lot of unconventional shots very effectively during the initial PP overs could be a reason for this. SO I HOPE THAT OUR SELECTORS WILL REALIZE ALL THESE IMPORTANT STATISTICAL PARAMETER AND SEND DICKWELLA TO OPEN THE INNINGS OR ELSE BAT AT NO 3 POSITION.


  2. If Dika bats in the top order, Kusal P can bat at no 4 (he will then will have the least amount of pressure at no 4). If DG, AF and ND all bat at the top we can hope that at least one of them will play a long inning.

    I am not convinced that Kusal M is still established for no 5. We need to develop Banuka R for the no 5 slot. He is also a technically perfect batter as well as a powerful six hitter (probably better than even Dasun). Dasun has to improve his power hitting ability if he wants to be a permanent batter within the first 6/7 batting slots.