පසු දැක්ම | දැන් ඉතින් අපි MK? (Review| D/N Test SL vs IND,2022)

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  1. Island on the 14th says ”Dickwella’s reviewing has been horrendous for many years but Sri Lankan captains continue to depend on him. Dickwella prompted his captain to review leg before wicket decisions on three occasions and on all three occasions it emerged that the batsmen had nicked the ball. The only advice you should be getting from Dickwella is which restaurants in Colombo have free corkage.
    India’s lower middle order batsmen have cleverly farmed the strike from the tail-enders and helped the team score significant totals. Dickwella meanwhile is happy to give the strike back to the lower order batters. He is more content in finishing not out to boost up his average. The suspension has meant nothing for Dickwella. He continues to be impulsive, impatient, incompetent and incorrigible.” What a sham.How come such an inept player in the playing X1? Born Again at work?