දැන් අපිට Semi යන්න බැරිද? | Can srilanka to qualify semi finals yet?

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  1. Absolutely crazy these topics, SL blundered a golden opportunity to beat SA, everyone new they will come hard at us it’s history how handled was pathetic performance, now they still talk about semis, WI also we will come hard at us it’s too much asking from the boy’s on current performance.
    International cricket is all about consistent performance,out playing the opponent, tactics , adjusting to situations, playing as a team,having the right combination in the team etc we don’t have above yeah for 1 match we had but cannot perform continuesly like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
    It’s crazy to still talk about semi. Crawl and reach wat for wen unable to understand opponent tactics and face it how can you play, it’s sad they just go on wit out knowing CRICKET

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