කොදෙව් පන්දු යවන්නන්ගෙන් වාර්තාවක්; මැතිව්ස්ට ස්කෑන් පරීක්ෂණයක් – #SLvWI 2nd Test Day 02 Cricketry

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  1. Sadly Mathews has done it again! Destabilize the team. He has done this many times in his career either in the middle of a game or in overseas tours. After a couple of quick wickets today ,when he broke down the rest of the team collapsed. Why did he return to Test cricket so soon, the lure of money to play for the LPL but plunging our team now in trouble.Why do the selectors take the seniors right into the team after a long lay off? A Mafia in operation? Nowhere this happen so blatantly.