කාසියේ වාසිය හමුවේ තීරණය වන සිංහ කැන්ගරු ගැටුම

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  1. Diz where it goes wrong, we should depend on ability and to adjust to demands of the situations as a professional cricketers not depend on a toss to raise white flag before you play the game.
    What is the purpose of having highly paid Coaching staff IF WE HAVE TO POINT OUT THIS.
    Wake up people concerned win toss or lose needs to give a fight, go fighting down, trust your ability,play as a team, do your basics right who knows can turn the table yeah you may catch them on the wrong foot, surprise them, nothing to lose if toss is lost.
    Even if the put up a huge score go for it like Pakistan , come on what’s matter is win or lose how you perform.ok
    Take Pakistan lost badly to England 5nil in England just before WC then lost pretty badly to West Indies, but bounced back to beat same team yeah then almost pulled it off against Aussies. Come on learn from others and with your own abilty, strategies GO FOR IT.

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