ක්‍රිකට් අර්බුදයේ නොදකින පැතිකඩ – Part 3 | The Sri Lankan Cricket Talk | TM Dilshan

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  1. Dilshan you mentioned correctly the reason why Dimuth, Angelo,Thirimanna & Chandimal are not considered for white ball cricket. None of them has a good strike rate that is required for current ODI/T20 standards. Their fitness and agility in fielding may be another factor for their non selection.

    SLC’s present selection policies are absolutely perfect. White ball team is improving match by match. Only issue is we need to have at least 20 players in the squad to play as replacement for any injuries to the first-choice players. So please give some time for SLC to continue with their present plan, instead of proposing and upsetting everything by bringing those 4 senior players mentioned here. They must play only test matches.

    Don’t agree with Anush’s comment on playing those low SR batters in white ball teams and try to improve their SRs. That is not the policy of appointing a captain. Captain should first perform well in the team.