කළුතර බෝධිය ළඟින් ශ්‍රී ලංකා ක්‍රිකට් අනාගතයට – පැතුම් නිස්සංක

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  1. He should be willing to go the extra mile to improve his game.A bouquet of thanks to the present selectors who were criticized for his selection. No doubt about the sacred Bodhi at Kalutara invoking Blessings!

  2. Pathum is the only SL batsman who is consistently performing in two formats. In less than a year after starting to play T20 matches, he has increased his SR to 117% (although he need little improvement). More over out of all other 8 batters currently playing in T20I format, he has the highest innings average of 29.6 which must be commended by every one. We need a minimum of one technically very sound batter in the line up preferably an opener who is able to face the maximum number of deliveries to play an anchor role in T20 matches and Pathum is the perfect player for that, even with his present statistical records & averages. When you look at the very high consistency in his performances lately it will be a matter of few more matches that he will improve his overall SR to 130% (which is a minimum level expected from a T20 batter) and the batting average to 35.0.

  3. A wonderful talent (at long last) and credit to the selectors for sticking with him in all formats. The most important thing for me is a solid defensive technique and good temperament with no wild shots. Like a few talents before him, ability is not the issue, it will come down to temperament and the mental battle of surviving at the top and how he copes with fame and fortune. Kusal Mendis had a similar start but stumbled over non-cricket issues.