අපේ කණ්ඩායම පාකිස්තානෙට යන්නම ඕන ද?

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  1. One wonders why only Sri Lanka wanna be a scapegoat in Asia for MONEY & POLITICAL GAIN , Have a good relationship with a neighbouring asian country is welcome but knowing it’s a massive RISK, with previous history of a miracles escape from gunmen, wen other countries are not willing to do a HARAKIRI why SLC sending OUR Cricketers is it ethical, is it practical, is it a wise move.
    Answer SLC not bothered about safety of its cricketers or Pride of the nation, They never ever tried to speak to its Cricketers Wether they can visit NO, after discussing with the other country and after visiting that country they confirm the tour, they never cared the feelings or desire of the Sri Lanka Cricketers so Dear fans do you think these goons at SLC will take Sri Lanka Cricket forward simple answer it’s a big NO. We are die hard fans of Dear Motherland’s cricketers and it’s Cricket. We care for our cricketers and Islands pride.
    Is it wise brainy ,move to send a second string almost a A team to get BLASTED by desperate team who are presently much stronger and get further down in the rankings and get humilated badly.
    Is it the need of the hour.
    SLC rather than consolidating it’s Cricket or discharging their duties to the betterment of its countries cricket they go on destroying cricket by taking unethical decesion’s and incorrect steps , we are very critical about SLC activities cause never ever in the history of Sri Lanka Cricket standards of cricket hit rock bottom before, never ever we had a questionable situations before of its transactions or its administration like presently, even COPE is inquiring it’s transaction and honest cricket loving brainy people are not in the office so as honest die hard fans like us lash out when they do unethical moves as we are in a precarious situation in cricket and it’s future.
    They took this tour for greedyness for MONEY AND CHEAP POLITICAL GAIN so can we keep silent, at least do what is right for Sri Lanka Cricket, it’s Cricketers and it’s future we will back you and cheer you we do all these constructive criticism cause WE LOVE SRI LANKA CRICKET ,IT’S CRICKETERS AND IT’S MOTHERLAND PRIDE. No intentions to humilate person’s or any other gain or not behalf of anyone or any party.

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