අංක එකටත් ගහලා ලොකුවටම පැරදුනේ ඇයි?

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  1. Good analysis & most of the reasons that contributed for the humiliating defeat are highlighted by Vidu.

    (1) Why Malinga decided to field instead of batting first. Even if we batted and scored few runs like 125 /150 we would have still lost the match but only by a margin of 9 or 10 wkts and not humiliated like this. SL became the laughing stock because of Malinga’s stupid decision.

    (2) In the first place Rajitha should not have been played. In the practise match he was so inconsistent during the 2nd spell (in death bowling). Pradeep was the only bowler who had some control in his line & length. This kind of drop on pitches are belters. Like concrete pitches. If the bowlers cannot bowl fast with good accuracy on line & length they will get hammered. Even Hasaranga and Sandakan need to bowl faster and improve on their accuracy. Otherwise it will be a sorry state for SL in the coming two matches.

    (3) even if we played Udana in place of Rajitha their score would have been brought down by at least 30/40 runs. Other mistake of Malinga was not to give one or two overs to Dasun S instead of bowling Rajitha for 4 overs.

    (3) I don’t think even if they bring in Udana things will improve. Although he has some variations his bowling speeds are just medium.

    (4) If our batsmen improve their approach we may have a chance to give some decent fight in the coming two matches but not to beat Aussies.

    (5) Why our power hitters (Kusal M, Dasun Shanaka, Bhanuka) were struggling to score big sixes. They bowled their short balls, with greater accuracy and speed. So all the big shots were mistimed. not even travelled halfway towards the fence.

    (6) Anyway Our think tank (selectors & coaches) must address all these issues on bowling and batting failures and some up with their answers ASAP, which will most likely not take place I think.

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