Tillakaratne Dilshan owes me money, says Indian actress


By Mary Rupasinghe | June 21, 2012

Nupur MehtaIndian actress Nupur Mehta, who was recently grilled by the ICC over allegations that bookies used her to lure cricketers, has claimed that Sri Lanka’s Tillakaratne Dilshan owes her 800 pounds (approximately US$ 1225).

When asked in a recent interview with rediff.com if the news reports that claim she had an affair with the married Dilshan were true, Mehta admitted the story was true and said her "relationship" with Dilshan "was for a very short span of time".

"I happened to blow up around 800 pounds on him then and he didn’t even have the courtesy to return that money to me," she said.

"He wanted to play in the casino, he wanted to have biryani, he wanted to go out for shopping, he wanted to open a bottle of champagne in a discotheque. All this cost money, and London being such an expensive city, I happened to spend money on him.

"And Dilshan is such a courtesyless, ruthless, thankless person that he came back for the IPL and didn’t even return my money."

Mehta claimed that she met Dilshan in the lobby of a London hotel during the ICC World Twenty20 in 2009.

"Dilshan only came up to me and he started talking to me in the hotel lobby. I didn’t go up to him," Mehta said, explaining their alleged first meeting.

"In the casino also Dilshan was sitting there and he wanted money to play so I ended up being the host there.

"He wanted to open a bottle of champagne because he was named the man of the tournament, so I had to spend money on him."

Mehta said that although the former Sri Lankan captain no longer keeps in touch, he had called her from Sri Lanka immediately after the World Twenty20 had ended and the team had arrived back in the island.

Dilshan, according to the Indian starlet, would ask her to call him back, as his mobile phone minutes were used up.

"He did stay in touch with me after going back from the T20 World Cup," Mehta said.

"This will be surprising for you – he used to call me from his country and tell me to call him back because his balance was getting over.

"Dilshan was such a miser. I don’t know whether he didn’t want to spend money on the phone call or whether, genuinely, he didn’t have the money."

Mehta is currently suing the UK’s Sunday Times for alleging that she was used by bookies to lure cricketers into match fixing. According to news reports, the ICC have cleared her of any wrongdoing after an investigation.

Dilshan is yet to comment on these allegations

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  1. some more “lookatme lookatme
    some more “lookatme lookatme lookatme” stuff from Mehta. Must ve got next to zero attention from her parents during her childhood, trying to make up for dat now. sad story really.

  2. well, I said it before and I
    well, I said it before and I say it now, Dilshan is a legend, how many of us have fantasies about these hindi actresses, he actually banged one (for a very short span of time as this women say)

    I dont know why Dilshan or his manager (Roshan Abeysooriya) wouldn’t sue some of these people if the stories are false as it is damaging him.

    Anyway my opinion is I dont care as long as Dilshan is scoring runs and fielding like he does now and contributing to the team. He can have many affairs as he wish, and its his personal life. But he or his manager has to answer the allegations about match fixing.

  3. He left his first wife and
    He left his first wife and two kids to be with an actress, now his second wife.

    He was supposedly involved in a rape case in Zimbabwe too, and now an affair with an Indian actress.

    His character is not worthy of defending.

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  4. aiyo mehta dont be a baby,
    aiyo mehta dont be a baby, for crickter like dilshan $1200 is like nothing, so mehta you must come up with a better story, and dilshan next time be careful when you go out with this kind of women, please use VIP escort.

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