Sri Lanka’s cricket captain visits school kids in Barbados


May 08, 2010 ( Kumar Sangakkara who is in the Caribbean for the ICC World Twenty20 headed over to a school in Barbados on Wednesday to deliver a special message to students there.

Sangakkara talks to kidsThe Sri Lankan skipper’s visit is part of the Think Wise partnership, between the ICC, UNAIDS, UNICEF and the Global Media AIDS Initiative, which aims to raise awareness of HIV and reduce stigma and discrimination.

Sangakkara spoke about education, life skills and the importance of talking about important issues to friends and family to help improve decision making.

“As a cricketer you have to realise you are going to be an icon to lots of aspiring young players and you have to be an example and also go to places not just to tell young people what to do but also to talk to them about life, share ideas and awareness," Sangakkara said about his involvement with the ICC’s Think Wise initiative.

Sangakkara believes his support as a Think Wise champion alongside other leading cricketers is important in engaging young people to think about HIV, encourage them to seek further information on the disease and protect themselves.

Kumar Sangakkara

“I think young people need to be aware of the disease and they should be encouraged to talk to others without shame. Young people need to have people to talk to about life and that will help them make the correct choices and understand the responsibilities of living a healthy lifestyle,” he said.

More photos of Kumar Sangakkara’s visit here and here.

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