Sri Lanka team manager in row with cricket legend Muralitharan


By AFP | July 25, 2016

Sri Lanka team manager Charith Senanayake chats with captain Angelo Mathews during a practise session on July 24, 2016. © AFP

Sri Lanka's cricket board lodged a complaint Monday with the visiting Australians after their bowling consultant and local legend Muttiah Muralitharan was involved in a bust-up with his former colleagues.

On the eve of the first of three Tests, board president Thilanga Sumathipala accused Muralitharan of insulting Sri Lanka team manager Charith Senanayake in a row over the Australians' use of a practice pitch in Colombo.

"Muralitharan's behaviour is unacceptable and we have brought this to the notice of the Australian team management," Sumathipala told reporters. "It should not have happened. We are very disappointed."

Sumathipala said Muralitharan had bullied groundsmen at the Pallekele Stadium on Saturday into allowing the Australians to practise there when it was theoretically off limits to both teams.

"He rode roughshod over the groundsmen and got his (Australian) players to practise in violation of the time stipulations," Sumathipala said. "He later confronted our team manager (Senanayake) and abused him."

Muttiah Muralitharan is widely-regarded as Sri Lanka's greatest-ever cricketer. © AFP

Muralitharan is a national hero in Sri Lanka after taking 800 Test wickets, still a world record some six years after his retirement. But his decision to lend his local expertise to the tourists has raised eyebrows, not least because the 44-year-old was once labelled a "chucker" by Australia's then-prime minister John Howard.

Stung by criticism on social media, Muralitharan recently posted a video on YouTube in which he defended his decision to help the Australians as a freelance bowling consultant.

"I am doing a professional job," said the 44-year-old former spinner. "I am not a traitor. Sri Lanka has not tried to make use of my services, so I am helping the Australians who value my contributions."

Senanayake refused to comment but a source close to the team said the manager and Muralitharan had exchanged words on Saturday at Pallekele stadium, on the outskirts of Kandy, which is hosting the first Test.

Sri Lanka cricket chief Sumathipala said it was ironic that Muralitharan was coaching a team from Australia given his history.

"Professionally it is okay for Murali to coach any foreign team, but the irony is that he is supporting Australia which tried to get him out of cricket," Sumathipala said. "He is creating long-term damage for himself among his fans."

During an 18-year Test career, Muralitharan — who was born with a partially deformed elbow — was twice cited by Australian umpires for a suspect action but he was cleared both times by the game's governing body.

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  1. These fools only know to
    These fools only know to critisize players after others take them!! same thing with mahela and england… They have no trust in their own legends….. Still, I lost some of my respect to murali… He’s licking the leg of the person who kicked him hard…

  2. It’s stupid for SLC to
    It’s stupid for SLC to criticise Murali for helping the Aussies if they didn’t even try to use his services themselves. In my opinion, Murali should have been roped in as the personal coach of Tharindu Kaushal given that they are very similar players, and Kaushal needs a personal mentor.

    Yes, it’s a bit strange that Murali is working against his “enemy” but the man has to make money. I’m a bit disappointed in Murali but I won’t hate him or abuse him for it. Our own government ministers switch sides with the flip of a coin.

    SLC should sort itself out (remember how much money was spent taking the families of SLC officials to England?) before it criticises anyone.

  3. Don’t get how Murali or
    Don’t get how Murali or anyone can bully the groundsman of a test venue and have practice session in the middle. If this is what actually happened Murali is out of line but more worringly what are we saying? We are unable to control our test venues where the visiting team is able to have a practice session.

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