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Sri Lanka Cricket elections to be held early next year


By Staff Writers | May 13, 2015

Sri Lanka Cricket elections were postponed to probe allegations of corruption. © AFP

Sri Lanka's postponed cricket board elections will be held in January 2016, it was revealed on Tuesday after sports minister Navin Dissanayake met with former Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) board members.

Representatives with voting rights from member clubs and organisations and former board officials met with Dissanayake to discuss how he intends to resolve the current impasse with the International Cricket Council (ICC).

The ICC constitution requires member boards to be elected through free and fair elections, and after the postponement of April's SLC elections by Dissanayake, the ICC withheld payments owing to the financially-struggling SLC.

The ICC reportedly does not consider the current SLC interim committee as the legitimate governing body of cricket in Sri Lanka.

"The minister pointed out the importance of the validity of the interim committee and gave an assurance that elections for [SLC] will be held in January 2016," the state-owned Ceylon Daily News emphasised in a report today.

"With regard to the allegation of corruption that the former board members were very much concerned [about], minister Dissanayake said that measures are underway to appoint a board of inquiry to look into the matter," the report further added.

The sports minister, who took office after the Sri Lankan presidential elections in January, postponed SLC elections citing the need to investigate allegations of corruption at SLC which former SLC officials, several of whom intended on contesting, were allegedly responsible for and promised to hold elections after probing the allegations.

"We want to improve the state of cricket in the country, I will not allow rogues and the corrupt to walk into the cricket board and plunder," Dissanayake said in April.

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