Jayawardena critical of former chief selector Jayasuriya’s selections

Jayawardena critical of former chief selector Jayasuriya's selections

By Staff Writers | January 18, 2018


Mahela Jayawardena has referred to Sri Lanka team selections made by the panel headed by Sanath Jayasuriya as "ordinary" and said it was hard to blame the players for poor performances over the past two years under the circumstances.

Jayasuriya resigned as chief selector for the second time in a span of 24 months after protests by Sri Lankan cricket fans in August and criticism from former players over his panel's constant changes, often after every match.

"It's been tough for the boys in the last two years but can't blame them because the selection process has been pretty ordinary […] Having 42 cricketers in a 16-month period doesn't provide any consistency to a team," Jayawardena told The National in a recent interview.

Jayawardena called for the selectors to show more patience and "select a core group of 15-20 players, and they should be the ones going for the next World Cup in 2019."

Since taking over from Jayasuriya in September, the new chairman of the selection panel Graeme Labrooy too has been criticised for the lack of continuity offered to players, the odd omissions of crucial players in squads named, and for the numerous changes to the batting line up already made in his brief stint as the chief selector.

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  1. Sanath Jayasuriya destroyed
    Sanath Jayasuriya destroyed the future of our cricket!!! This mess we are currently in is because of him and Nishantha Ranatunga. Then Thilanga Sumathipala (current SLC President) and Mohan de Silva (SLC Secretary and now SLC VP) are the next to bear responsibility for allowing Jayasuriya back for his second stint and destroying our much beloved sport!!!!

  2. Selection committee and coach
    Selection committee and coach should show high level of integrity without any personal attachment to a single player (or their lobbyist) but only basis of skills, current form, fitness and ability to be a team player. Well, then has to make the selection committee out of clay. Apparently, appealing personality and social ties or office politics are the primary criteria for key player selection during nose dive. Again Pothas, the interim coach should have promoted to be assistant coach. His presence gives some pressure for players to speak queen’s language. Unfortunately, some talented players are not suitable to lead due to poor command of English. Leader is an ambassador to represent SL and should be able to communicate adequately in both languages. School Principals are totally responsible for not training their star students.

  3. First of all people who
    First of all people who appointed a fool like Sanath Jayasooriya as the chief selector must be lashed. now same thing happening with another foolish Joker Labroy. first of all Gurusingha, Sumathiya, sajith Fernando, Mohan, Mathiwadan, Shammi must be sent home along with Labroy if the srilankan cricket is to be developed to it’s previous glory. otherwise no future for the srilankan cricket. this is the end of srilankan cricket. in the recent past Dyasiri gave a big talk saying that he does not hesitate to dissolve the cricket board if it does not do the needful. but even after Mahela, Sanga and Aravind submitting the report no action has been taken to streamline the srilankan cricket means Dayasiri is Scared of Thilanga. now srilankan cricket is in the Tomb fans have ti cheer for India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afganista. srilankan cricket has been buried by corrupt opportunistic politician.

  4. Sri Lanka do not have any
    Sri Lanka do not have any quality ODI spinners in the team, after the bans imposed on Sachithra Senanayke and Tharindu Kaushal by ICC. It is the main reason for decline of SL odi cricket imo. I wonder what Mahela has to say about ICC’s double standards when it comes to imposing bans on players from different countries? Mahela has also forgotten how Sri Lanka did well when we had class cricketers under the selection panel of Sanath. SL won the Asia cup, WT2O, England full series and Australia tests (white-wash) when Sanath was the chief selector.

    This statement from Mahela is not a surprise as Mahela always has been jealous with Matara boy Sanath who is a thorn in the eye for him. We can still remember how Mahela tried do end Sanath’s cricket career prematurely in 2006 when Sanath went out of form for few matches. But Sanath answered his critics and then captain Mahela who has dropped him from the team by scoring match winning hundreds in Australia, England, New Zealand and in 2007 CWC. More importantly Sanath never blamed Mahele for dropping him. That is the class of the man who safeguarded Mahela who has not performed well under Sana’s captaincy in 2002/03 period and specially in 2003 CWC.

  5. Hard to disagree with Mahela.
    Hard to disagree with Mahela. Even Sangakkara criticised selections made by Sanath’s panel. Don’t forget Sanath was a minister when he was also a paid full time selector! And he included Rambukwella, a fellow minister’s son, in the Sri Lanka squad!!! Sanath was acting like a fan not a selector. It became so easy for players to get that Sri Lanka cap, Sanath was picking players randomly.

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