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In pictures: The many faces of Sanath Jayasuriya


By Staff Writers | April 8, 2013

[slideshow:2, rotate=0, order=top, height=500, width=590, img=||||Sanath Jayasuriya poses with Santa on December 25\, 2000 at a hotel in South Africa. © AFP||, img=||||Sanath Jayasuriya plays with his son Ranuk and daughter Kashini while celebrating his entry into parliament with close family and friends at his residence in the outskirts of Colombo on April 22\, 2010. Jayasuriya took oath as a member of parliament\, after winning a seat in the southern coastal district of Matara. He is a member of President Mahinda Rajapakse’s ruling United People’s Freedom Alliance party. © AFP||, img=||||Sanath Jayasuriya dances on an Indian reality TV show on June 7\, 2012. © AFP||, img=||||Sanath Jayasuriya dances on an Indian reality TV show on June 7\, 2012. © AFP||, img=||||Sanath Jayasuriya dances on an Indian reality TV show on June 7\, 2012. © AFP||, img=||||With the help of his family\, Sanath Jayasuriya packs his cricket gear at his home in Borelasgamuwa on June 16\, 2011\, prior to departing on his final cricket tour before retirement. © AFP||, img=||||Sanath Jayasuriya at a religious ceremony in Colombo on May 28\, 2009. © AFP||, img=||||Ruling party MP Sanath Jayasuriya and MP Namal Rajapaksa\, son of President Mahinda Rajapaksa\, attend the inauguration of parliament in Colombo on April 22\, 2010. © AFP||, img=||||Taken on April 6\, 2009 at the SLC headquarters\, Sanath Jayasuriya is pictured here shaking the hand of the Pakistani bus driver who courageously saved the Sri Lankan team by driving through a hail of gun fire during a terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Pakistan that year. © AFP||, img=||||Sanath Jayasuriya speaks at an election rally in the southern coastal town of Ambalangoda on January 12\, 2010. © AFP||, img=||||Pakistani cricket officials garland Sanath Jayasuriya upon his arrival at the Karachi International airport in Karachi on October 18\, 2012. Jayasuriya captained an all-star team in two Twenty20 matches against a Pakistan side in order to help bring international cricket back to Pakistan. © AFP||, img=||||Sanath Jayasuriya responds to questions from reporters in his new role as Sri Lanka’s chairman of selectors on January 30\, 2013. © AFP||, img=||||Sanath Jayasuriya visits the village of Medirigiriya in north-eastern Sri Lanka on August 26\, 2004\, to help distribute relief supplies to drought-stricken villages. © AFP||, img=||||Sanath Jayasuriya plays mediator\, as he helps end the contract stand-off between players and the cricket board in March 2013. © AFP||,]

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