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ICC moves to investigate government interference at Sri Lanka Cricket


ICC Media Release | April 16, 2015

The ICC's chief executive Dave Richardson (R) reportedly contacted former SLC officials recently warning them that Sri Lanka's membership could be suspended. © AFP PHOTO

The ICC Board today considered the implications of the appointment of an Interim Committee of Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) by the Government of Sri Lanka and whether this may be a breach of the ICC's constitution which requires free and fair elections for office-bearers within Member boards.

After considerable discussion, and without making a final decision on the matter, the ICC Board supported a recommendation of the ICC Governance Review Committee that it should write to the Sports Minister of Sri Lanka seeking a full and proper explanation of its intervention that prima facie puts SLC in breach of the ICC's constitution.

The Board further decided that, pending the satisfactory resolution of this matter, the next financial distribution due from the ICC to SLC will not be advanced to SLC and will, instead, be held in an escrow account.

Notwithstanding the Board's decision, Mr Nuski Mohamed — a nominee of the Interim Committee — was given the opportunity to provide information about the status of the Interim Committee, following which he was invited to attend the ICC Board meeting as an observer on behalf of the interests of cricket in Sri Lanka. Unfortunately, Mr Mohamed declined to attend the meeting on these terms and as a result there was no representative from Sri Lanka at the meeting.

The recent media comments of the Sri Lankan Sports Minister suggesting that the ICC was 'colluding' with former SLC officials were also noted and the ICC Board expressed its disappointment with the inaccurate nature of these comments. Moving forward the ICC hopes to progress this matter constructively with the Government of Sri Lanka for the good of all cricketing interests in Sri Lanka.

The ICC Board consists of the nominated representatives of each of the 10 Full Members plus three elected Associate Member representatives. The meeting is chaired by Mr Narayanaswami Srinivasan. Also present is the ICC Chief Executive.

ICC Chairman: Narayanaswami Srinivasan

ICC Chief Executive: David Richardson

Australia: Wally Edwards

Bangladesh: Nazmul Hassan

England: Giles Clarke

India: Narayanaswami Srinivasan

New Zealand: Greg Barclay

Pakistan: Shaharyar M. Khan

South Africa: Chris Nenzani

Sri Lanka: No attendee

West Indies: Dave Cameron

Zimbabwe: Wilson Manase

Associate Member Director (Bermuda): Neil Speight

Associate Member Director (Namibia): Francois Erasmus

Associate Member Director (Singapore): Imran Khawaja

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