We have unsettled business with Bangladesh #SLvBAN (My tweet)

Only thing we need is a big snake off 🐍🐍🐍🐍to Bangladesh 🐅🐅 players , Go hard Lions Cheerz 💪💪

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  1. Please Sanjeewa don’t take this any further. England & Aussies,India & Pak great rivalries we know. And there is an attempt in the world cricket media to bracket us with Bangladesh as the next great rivalry because of this nagin dance etc we shout. This is sheer ludicrousy. It is better to get a great rivalry with South Africa ( ABD’s off season talk etc) or NZ or WI etc. Stop making this clash with BD as a big one. Take this as a minor non emotional one .Stop this foolish talk as revenge ,n– dance,snake talks anymore with BD.Do you want to get bonded with them as the great rivals?? Tell your colleagues too not to do so.